School of the Hawk Kyokushinkai School of the Hawk Kyokushinkai School of the Hawk Kyokushinkaikan 103182613 Redlands Dojo Abt.2003 103145620 Darrell and his Grandchildren 103145621 Jurupa Group Abt.2004 103145622 Beach Training Newport Beach 2005 103145623 Mountain Training Lake Gregory 103145624 Mountain Training Lake Gregory 103145625 Serpent Invitational Review 2010 103145626 Jurupa Dojo 103145627 Jurupa Dojo the whole dsys group! 103145628 Sensei Steve Sensei Steve McLaughlin around 2002 103145629 Darrell and Debbie Feuerhahn Rest in Peace, We miss you both. 103182578 103184167 103184168 103184169 Shihan Paul Tried and true breaking, again and again! 104406766 Early Photo of Shihan Ronald Stevens Mr. Stevens was a cornerstone in the development of Kyokushin Karate in California. He held the highest ranks in several Kyokushin dojo. Shihan Stevens was taken by cancer in 2010. 110195899 2011 Blackbelt Review 137500965 Review Board 137500966 Knife training 137500967 2012 KSK California Tournament 2012 KSK So. Cal. Winners! Osu! !st KSK So. Cal Tornament. There will be more! 165257050 2012 Blackbelt Review at Hawl School Breaking! 166467254 2012 Blackbelt Review at Hawl School Hawk, Ice Bear, and Serpent Participants! Osu... 166467255 IEK Redlands doj 181092576 IEK Redlands Dojo 181092577 Shihan Rod Still around after all these years. 181092578 Redlands IEK dojo, 1st Promotional, 2013 181092579 Sensei's Jorge and Aaron 181092580 Shihan Paul and son 181092581 A new trooper! 181092582 The Small Group IEK Inland Empire Kyokushinkai makes it's first mark! 181092583