Afilliated to the International Karate Kyokushinkaikan
Associated Member IKK Honbu UK

     The KSK UK is now associated Members of the IKK

The Kyokushin Schools of Karate is now an Associated member of the International Karate Kyokushinkaikan.

All UK based clubs are under the sole direction of Kancho Paul Sarginson and the IKK.

Kancho Darren Murphy is the Overseas Kancho for all KSK members.

The KSK Union that was affiliated to the Independent Kyokushin Union is no longer trading and is now under the International Karate Kyokushinkaikan.

All Dan certificates now issued my Kancho Darren Murphy for overseas only will now say Kyokushin Schools of Karate Worldwide, associated members of the International Karate Kyokushinkaikan and have both Kancho Darren and Kancho Paul on them.



All overseas clubs outside the UK is run by Kancho Darren Murphy Founder of the KSK Union.

So new members wishing to join the KSK outside the UK please contact Kancho Darren Murphy on

All UK based clubs are run by Kancho Paul Sarginson Founder of the IKK Organisation.

Any new members that wish to join within the UK under the IKK please contact Kancho Paul Sarginson on


Kancho Darren Murphy Head of overseas branches KSK Union

Kancho Paul Sarginson Head of UK branches IKK Organisation