The Kyokushin Schools of Karate is a Associated member of the International Karate Kyokushinkaikan for dojos in the UK only.

UK based clubs are under the direction of Kancho Paul Sarginson and myself.

 Kancho Darren Murphy is the union Kancho for all KSK members.

The KSK Union is an Independent Kyokushin Union.

All Dan certificates are issued my Kancho Darren Murphy for overseas branches.

So new members wishing to join the KSK please contact Kancho Darren Murphy on

All UK based clubs are overlooked by Kancho Paul Sarginson Founder of the IKK Organisation.

The KSK Union is split in to nine Sector (Branches) each sector as a head branch chief of that sectors affairs.

Each Country within that sector as branch chiefs, which allows the them to conduct there own grading, examinations.

The KSK Union Committee overseas the running of the union worldwide.

Committee members have rights to vote, promote and remove members once the whole committee is informed and agreed on such actions.

The cost to join the Kskunion is very simple, and is in GBP sterling (details listed on shop and membership page).

the KSK union don't have a Kyokushinkai union syllabus and the order of belt colours are up to each dojo operator to decide, the only conditions to membership is the Dojo Kun is in your syllabus and 99% of Kyokushinkai Katas are listed and the main Instructors wishing for membership holds a Kyokushinkai Dan certificate MIN Shodan 1st Dan.

You MUST complete the application form and send copy of dan certificate or the application WILL BE REJECTED.

We look forward to you application, yours in Kyokushinkai


Kancho Darren Murphy