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Welcome to the offical website of the KSK Union

The Kyokushin Schools of Karate which is a worldwide based union.

We was established in 1998, has one of the first Independent Kyokushin unions un-affiliated to Japan.

Since then we have grown with the help of our members around the globe, in 1998 we then decide the world did not need another kyokushinkai organisation so we esablished a new approch for all kyokushinkai members.

This union gives you the ability to become an independent, Instructor, Dojo or Organisation.

Many Kyokushinkai Karate organisations are now becoming wise to the way the KSK union works and you can now see within the last several years many kyokushinkai organisations have changed the way they gain memberships or have opened new organisations working the way we started back in 1998

The Kyokushin Schools of Karate is our trade name it's the KSK that unites all our membeship groups together under one roof and helps unite us has a strong union.

The KSK has been established for over 18 years; we work on a no politics policy and allow the freedom for all our members to grow the way they wish too.

We don't use a single syllabus you continue to use your own Kyokushinkai syllabus

We allow our members to use there own kata's and kihons providing they are teaching 90% kyokushinkai.

We ask that each Instructor teaches the kyokushinkai dojo kun and follows the elements of kyokushinkai has of Sosai Mas Oyama.

The KSK is like no other Kyokushin organisation, we are there for memberships for all types of kyokushinkai groups spliter groups, Individual instructors and dojos.

We evan alow you to remain a member of another Kyokushinkai Organisation.

We bring together these groups under one roof to give them a home evan if they are a Kyokushinkai spin off organisations, we are a union to bond all types together regardles of where they gained there Kyokushinkai grades.

Our Honbu office is open 24 / 7 and we will contact you for union infomations or notifications.

We have a strict non interference dojo policy.

We don't charge a yearly fee and we are puley to support the groups in membership and to help get them back into a kyokushinkai organisation.

All Head Dojo Instructors are automaticly issued the rank of Branch Chief free of charge to allow them to grade in there own dojo.

If the Dojo Instructor wishes to become a Head Branch Chief this at an extra cost of £50.00GBP but must be a min of (3rd Dan - Sandan).

A Head Branch Chiefs are the Instructor our Kancho will contact to inform them of any new members in that country.

All KSK union committee members including our Kancho are volunteers and work for the love of karate and not for any financial gain.

Our Union Founder is Shihan Darren Murphy which started karate back in 1977 after the opening of one of the first Dojo's in East London England, Kancho trained under Bethnal Green Dojo before moving on after many years.

Membership is very simple produce a bonifide Kyokushinaki dan certificate for your rank complete the application form and we will then contact you for acceptance.

The KSK is an associated member of the International Karate Kyokushinkaikan (IKK) which is based in the United Kingdom under Kancho Paul Sarginson.

Kancho Paul is a repected member of Kyokushinkai in the UK and the KSK union is delighted to be associated members of his Organisation.



Terms and Conditions

Upon Application to the KSK, each head dojo operator, group seeking membership or individual instructor, pays a one off fee for Full Registration and Membership which includes:

  1. KSK Union Life Affiliation Certificate,
  2. KSK Dan grade certificate,
  3. Emailed copy of our Kyu grade certificate template.
  4. Emailed copy of the KSK Union Constitution.
  5. Emailed copy of the KSK Union Child protection.
  6. Listed on the KSK website Yudansha list.

Once you become a member you can choose to buy extra Membership Certificates!

  1. KSK Union Examiners & Instructors Certificate £50.00 GBP
  2. Extra KSK Union Dan Certificates £100.00 GBP
  3. KSK Union Head Branch Chief Certificate £50.00 GBP
  4. KSK Union ID card head or branch chief £10.00 GBP
  5. KSK Union black belts name one end, International Karate Kyokushinkaikan £50.00 GBP
  6. KSK Union Gi badge £5.00 Each GBP

These can be paid via this website on the payments and costs page.

Please remember your application form and an emailed copy of your latest Dan Certificate with photo to

UK Instructors please note the KYOKUSHIN SCHOOLS OF KARATE UK is not trading and is transfered to the IKK so please contact Kancho Paul Sarginson for Memberships to the UK only.


Kancho Darren Murphy KSK Union (Overseas Branches)